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How does it work?

You maintain a list of the National Producer Numbers for each of the agents you wish to keep track of.  You can modify this "target list" as often as you like.

Every day the PDB Alerts system monitors the PDB for changes to the agents on your list and generates an email to you when something changes.

The cost is just 25 cents per agent, per month! And the charges will appear right on your monthly statement.

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Choose the Sales option from the automated attendant menu and say you want to know more about PDB Alerts!
Now it's easy to keep current on the status of your most important asset: your licensed agents and agencies.

When an agent's license lapses it can have repurcussions for a long time. Sales may need to be revisited or worse, fines may be imposed.  To avoid this, you can now use the PDB Alerts feature of Cratchit LTX to receive updates when:

 - an agent moves, whether to a new jurisdiction or within the same one

 - a license status changes - licenses can be suspended or terminated by the state without notification to you!

 - a license is modified - such as adding or removing lines of authority, getting or terminating an appointment... anything that can affect your agent's ability to do business

 - RIRS actions are taken - an RIRS action is an administrative, sometimes legal action taken against an agent by a state of governing body.