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Since 1983 we've been listening to the needs of licensing professionals from companies of all sizes all over the United States.

Originally conceived to manage licenses and appointments, over the years Cratchit LTX® evolved to include many varied and useful features that will enable your licensing department to function smoothly and efficiently.

The primary function of CRATCHIT LTX® is to track the licenses and appointments that your agents and agencies hold, and to provide you with reports that help you keep these licenses and appointments current and properly reported to the appropriate state(s).

In addition, a wide range of other features have been added that will further enhance your ability to manage your department, such as:

●  Individual and Personal Information
●  Address and Address History information
●  Employment, Education and Legal History information
●  Certificates of Authority
●  Professional Designations held
●  Organizations (internally) to which agents are assigned
●  Reminder-Deadline-Journal - keep track of your activities
●  Document Tracking - track documents in process
●  FINRA Securities Dealer information and CE tracking

CRATCHIT LTX® is a multi-user program. You may have multiple users simultaneously accessing your data online. There are no fees for additional users.