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Since 1984 we've been listening to the needs of licensing professionals from companies of all sizes all over the United States.

Originally conceived to manage licenses and appointments, over the years Cratchit LTX® evolved to include many varied and useful features that will enable your licensing department to function smoothly and efficiently.

Licenses & Appointments

Whether you choose to load your agent data manually or download from the Producers Database (PDB), CRATCHIT LTX® will keep track of licenses and appointments, and the associated lines of authority.  A report can then be produced informing you and your staff of renewals and other action items so your agents' licenses never lapse.

Easy-to-read screens help you see at-a-glance where your agents are licensed, what they can sell, and with which carriers they are appointed.

By monitoring the Producer Database, Cratchit LTX® can notify you when critical license information changes or when licenses are cancelled or go dormant so that you and your staff can take immediate action.