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Since 1984 we've been listening to the needs of licensing professionals from companies of all sizes all over the United States.

Originally conceived to manage licenses and appointments, over the years Cratchit LTX® evolved to include many varied and useful features that will enable your licensing department to function smoothly and efficiently.

Organizations & Agencies
The same functionality that you have available for your agents and their licenses is also there for your corporate licenses and certificates. Use this feature to track the branch offices or agencies that comprise your company. You can also create records for call centers or customer service centers easily. When you link an agent to their agency, that link is also visible in the Organization side. So, with a single click, you can view the entire staff of any of your agencies.

All of the agents whose records have been assigned to the agency are visible on a single screen.

Track agency licenses, as well as the lines, appointments, and appointed lines on each license. The reporting system can then tell you well in advance of any upcoming renewals or other requirements for these licenses. If you have recorded the designated officers for the agency, their name appears within the record for the license.