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Since 1984 we've been listening to the needs of licensing professionals from companies of all sizes all over the United States.

Originally conceived to manage licenses and appointments, over the years Cratchit LTX® evolved to include many varied and useful features that will enable your licensing department to function smoothly and efficiently.

There are a variety of reports that Cratchit LTX® can produce to help your office run smoothly. Easy to use setup windows let you create reports that contain only what you need them to contain. Reports can be sent to Excel spreadsheets or emailed if necessary.  Popular examples include:

The fee report can even help you plan your budget or your staffing needs. By looking at your historic fees you can calculate future budgeting needs or predict if additional staffing will be needed.

Use the reminder report to list action items you must attend to or to delegate those tasks to your staff.

Never miss a license renewal again by preparing the License Renewals Due report regularly.