The Cratchit Evolution

Cratchit was created in 1983 by PC Designs, Inc. of Wayne, PA. The name Cratchit was chosen because it is a name almost everyone is familiar with. The literary character of Bob Cratchit worked long hours doing tedious work, never complained, and asked for very little in return. In short, the ideal employee. One of the first applications to use database technology, Cratchit quickly caught on.

As the Microsoft Windows™ environment increased in popularity Cratchit found new life as a multi-user application allowing many people to access the program simultaneously. It soon grew to encompass appointments and terminations as well as license acquisition and renewal.

In 2001 PC Designs became an NIPR Authorized Business Partner which gave us the ability to tap into the power of the Producers Database (PDB) to better serve our customers.

In 2004, Systeme Software Inc., a privately owned software development company based in Berks County, Pennsylvania, purchased PC Designs and the Cratchit™ products. The various functions of Cratchit were combined into one cohesive program and adapted for internet use and secure data storage on the cloud. LTX was added to the name to distinguish it from previous versions.

At Systeme Software our commitment has always been to listen to the needs of our customers and respond with functional, intuitive, flexible software. Contact us today to learn more about how Cratchit LTX™ can work for you.