Cratchit LTX™ a highly flexible, user-friendly, online service designed to organize the massive amount of information involved in the acquisition and on-going maintenance of licenses for a sales force of any size. Our clients' producer work forces range in size from a few dozen agents to over fifteen thousand.

Cratchit LTX™ manages the information that is critical to the smooth operation of your department and the ability of your sales force to sell your company's products.

Our intuitive user interface makes entering, editing, and reporting your data fast, easy and hassle-free.

     Cratchit LTX™ enables you to record and track:

      Licenses and Appointments and their associated Lines of Authority
      Continuing Education requirements
      Continuing Education courses completed with credit tracking
      Address information with address history
      Employment information with employment history
      Education history
      Legal history
      Designations held
      Important upcoming activities or events (Reminders)
      Notification of due reminders (Deadlines)
      Permanent activity history (Journal)
      Personnel Information

Sample License Management Screen

Cratchit LTX also lets you track the agencies and other corporate entities within your company. You can track their corporate officers, aliases under which they do business, and at a glance, see a summary of their licensed and appointed agents. Your agents can be linked to any number of agencies to which they are assigned.

Appointments and Terminations

How does Cratchit LTX™ make your life easier?

      By eliminating redundant typing - we store the information you need over and over again in our database... things like carrier license numbers, addresses, and other information that is used repeatedly. You only key in the appointee information.

      By doing behind-the-scenes validations against the PDB so you can proceed with the confidence that your data is accurate. Whether you accidentally transpose digits or enter the license number for the wrong agent, our PDB Validation will catch your mistake and allow you to fix it quickly and easily.

      By keeping you informed as your appointments and terminations process through the system... and notifying you when they are complete. Our dedicated Helpdesk staff is available during normal business hours and can be reached via email or telephone to quickly answer any questions or concerns you may have.

      Lastly, by giving you the choice to automatically retrieve the appointee information from the PDB to pre-fill the processing screen.

Acquiring and Renewing Licenses

A lapsed or cancelled license can mean disaster for your work force. Cratchit LTX™ makes it easy to obtain and renew both resident and non-resident licenses.

Process your new hires' licenses directly from Cratchit LTX™. Cratchit LTX™’s integrated logic will utilize your stored data to pre-fill screens for you, and indicate that a license application is in progress. When a response is received from NIPR, the license record in Cratchit LTX™ is automatically updated with the result.

Do you apply for licenses for different states depending on the new hire’s qualifications or job title? To save you valuable time, Cratchit LTX will automatically create license records in our database to suit your needs, regardless of the number of state licenses for one job title.

Your Privacy and Security

Our servers and software are reviewed regularly by a qualified cyber security consulting firm to guarantee that we are compliant with all current data security models. You can proceed with the confidence that your information is safe from prying eyes.

For your further safety we require our users to change passwords every 90 days, use strong password requirements, and prohibit reuse of old passwords.