Cratchit LTX™ Has Many Capabilities

Appointments / Terminations
Forty-three states/territories, including Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. require appointments for licensed agents. Cratchit LTX™ makes processing them simple and fast.

Transactions are processed in real-time for immediate results in most states. We will monitor any transactions not immediately completed and notify you via email when a final status is received.

If the state declines your transaction for any reason we will notify you of that also. Our Help Desk staff is here to assist you if you need us..

Electronic Licensing
Both resident and non-resident licenses can be obtained and renewed with Cratchit LTX™. Your newly hired agents will enter their own information, to improve accuracy and eliminate redundancy.

If you always license agents for the same states based on location or job description, Cratchit LTX allows you to complete a single input page to save time.

Our Alerts service notifies you if:
An agent's license status changes
An Agent’s address changes
An appointment lapses or is cancelled
A legal action is taken against an agent

You decide which agents are tracked for Alerts and we notify you when the agent’s data changes.

Prepare a detail report that lists all licenses, appointments, address information and legal actions for any agent quickly and easily using the Producers Database.

Easily reconcile all agents appointed with any insurance carrier so you always have an accurate accounting of your sales force.

We can also help you acquire specialty reports available through the PDB.